What if the S#*T Never Hits the Fan?!

The prevailing thinking in the survivalist and prepper communities is that with the perfect storm of climate change, weather extremes, population overshoot, financial instability, and natural resource depletion on the planet, that at some point in the not to distant future there’s quite likely going to be a catastrophic event …

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The End of the World as We Know It

Who knows what the future will be bring, but I’m fairly certain it will not be a smooth transition out of the Age of Fossil Fuels, so I’m banking on self-sufficient living and getting myself and my family weaned off of the systems we’re so dependent on and that are keeping us helpless.

What is an Organic Lifestyle?

Ingrid and Sue presented on a panel at the Canadian Organic Growers Toronto conference last week and weaved the link between organic food, organic building, and organic living. The intersection of all of these is HOMESTEADING and self-reliance! Ingrid spoke about natural building and deep ecology building, sharing stories of …

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